Saturday, 4 November 2017

We get it!..... #TalkFertility #NFAW #IVF #FertilitySupport

Making Friends with your Fertility launched last week, we had a super evening at Waterstones in Brighton and have had some lovely feedback from people exploring their fertility but not wanting to leave a review as friends and family don't know they are actively trying to conceive. We get it!

This is the first year I am speaking at The Fertility Show and when asked what my book is called ...have a title! So I asked Sarah, my amazing co-author, if, as it is a helpful book for people exploring their fertility and as it also helps the people who support those trying to conceive, could we give it away free to mark the end of #NFAW to celebrate that  #IVFis40 to encourage people to #TalkFertility and she said, YES!

If you are coming to the Fertility Show do come and say Hello, I'll be on the Lister Stand and speaking on both Saturday & Sunday. 

Sarah is also out and about this weekend at the Diva Literary festival. 

Have a great weekend 


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