Saturday, 21 October 2017

Making Friends with your Fertility

Official Launch of my new book, co-written with fabulous author Sarah Rayner, takes place on Thursday October 26 in paperback and ebook, to mark
National Fertility Awareness Week October 30 – November 5 2017

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In the US:

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Our official launch takes place at Waterstones Brighton on Thursday 26th October where I'll be joined by Sarah Rayner, Pia Pasternack and Dr Patrick Fitzgerald as we learn to deal with the stuff life throws at us, or our friends and family. 

From fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury and Sarah Rayner (bestselling author of Making Friends with Anxiety, One Moment, One Morning and The Two Week Wait) comes a full and frank guide to reproductive health. 

For 1 in 6 heterosexual couples who experience infertility, conception is not straightforward, and for those who are single or in same sex relationships and keen to have a baby, it can be hard to find a way through. In their new book, Making Friends with Your Fertility, Tracey and Sarah tackle these sensitive issues with warmth and humour.

Together they take you on a journey not just exploring what happens when things go well (through intercourse, orgasm and pregnancy), but also looking at IVF and assisted conception, surrogacy, adoption and fostering. “Making Friends with your Fertility is for those trying to conceive and any friends and family members keen to support them,” says Tracey. 

The result is a handy, practical primer packed with tips, illustrations and real-life stories making complex issues less confusing and overwhelming, and supporting each individual so they can ‘make friends’ with their own fertility, in whatever form that takes.  

‘A brilliant and well-written piece of work.’  Francesca Steyn, Head of Nursing, The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health 

‘A must read… A robust, resilient friend for everyone considering their fertility and an essential addition to any fertility professional’s bookshelf.’  Susan Seenan, Chief Executive, Fertility Network UK

 About the authors..

Tracey  Sainsbury is a specialist fertility counsellor with over 20 years’ experience of working with charities and clinics providing support, advice and information to people exploring their fertility. She and her husband have been through several unsuccessful cycles of fertility treatment and now, thanks to adoption, are blessed with their son, Lewis. She’s drawn upon both her professional and personal experiences to write Making Friends with your Fertility, a guide to reproductive health and assisted conception.

Sarah Rayner is the author of five novels including the international bestseller, One Moment, One Morning and its follow-ups, The Two Week Wait and Another Night, Another Day, all of which are set in Brighton, where she lives and works.  Friendship is a common theme in Sarah’s novels, and in her nonfiction too. Read more about Sarah and the other books in the Making Friends series on her Amazon Author Page

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