Friday, 20 June 2014

If you are a person considering using donor gametes, a patient having treatment using donor conception, a parent through donor conception, a donor or a person conceived with donor assistance then please do see if you can help the HFEA improve their information and have your voice heard.....

HFEA focus groups – have your say on donation information
The HFEA is looking to improve the information that is available for people interested in donation, to ensure that you’re getting the best out of what is already out there and to help us identify what information is lacking and where.
To help us do this we’re asking for donor-conceived people, parents of donor-conceived people and patients to take part in focus groups, to discuss their experiences.
These are being held in Farringdon, central London at the dates and times below. Participants will be paid £50 for their time, and will have their standard travel costs reimbursed.
Focus groups will be run on Wednesday 25 June:
·         12pm to 2pm for sperm donors or men thinking about donating their sperm
·         3pm to 5pm for egg donors or thinking about donating their eggs
Focus groups on Thursday 26 June:
·         12pm to 2pm for people conceived with the help of donated eggs, sperm or embryos 
·         3pm to 5pm for donor conception patients or people thinking about having treatment with donated eggs, sperm or embryos
·         6pm to 8pm for parents of donor-conceived people  
If you are interested in taking part please contact our research agency, Fluent Interaction, directly by emailing  and specifying which focus group you are able to attend.
You can also take part in our short donation information survey by visiting the HFEA website:

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